State: California
City: Gilroy
Zip code: 95020
Type: Pets

Gorgeous intact male Rottweiler with bloodlines from Spain and Yugoslavia.
He has been in training for the last month. He will require someone with breed or sport dog knowledge and experience. With his previous owner, he would use his strength and size to scare her and was allowed to get away with everything. Since being in professional training, this has not been an issue. Continued training would be highly suggested.
Crate and dog run trained.
Training has been with Remote Collar.
Walks well on leash, sits and downs on command, will long down at a distance.
Would be best for a breeder or someone looking for a protection sport dog. Not a FAMILY dog.. I have not tested him with children. He is very loving and bonds quickly. He loves to just sit and be pet, or sleep at your feet in the sun
Would not suggest a home where he will be allowed to run free with another dog until proper introductions are done after some time getting to know each other. He did grow up with another female dog, but has not been allowed to interact since starting training. Does not like male dogs.
Would not suggest cats
AKC full registration and pedigree in hand.
Located in Gilroy, Ca