State: California
City: Gilroy
Zip code: 95020
Type: Pets

8 month old Working Line Male German Shepherd.
As a young puppy the whole litter was exposed Early Neurological Stimulation.
He is crate trained, loves to ride in the car, dog social, very obedient, walks well on a loose leash, sleeps in the house in his crate.
Both parents are active in Schutzhund/IPO.
Dad is on site, mom went back to her owner when the puppies were 8 weeks.
Currently undergoing motivation based training.
Highly suggest an active family, that will take the time to incorporate him into their lives, he is not a back yard dog.
He has not been started in Schutzhund/IPO, but two litter mates have been and are progressing nicely. He does well with back pressure and will actively engage a helper with a bite pillow.
Littermates are also in agility, dock diving, lure coursing/sprint racing.
Very food motived. Toy/Ball drive are wonderful. Nice prey drive!
AKC registration, Microchipped
Fully vaccinated.
Please call or text for more info.
Currently with his breeder for continued training.
Facebook page for the litter has been created for the owners to stay in touch.